Power Screen Recorder

Power Screen Recorder for Windows

record your screen desktop into avi flv movie


  • freeware
  • 2 pass video encoding
  • low cpu cost
  • support zoom in/out while recording
  • support annotation
  • strong watermark customization


    record your screen desktop into avi flv movie

    Power Screen Recorder (freeware), Record your desktop to avi or flv format video directly. Highlights: Freeware forever. Free adjustment to record region anytime, you can do it before or after recording start, it can even be zoomed in or out. High record quality by using latest video codec technology and two-pass encoding method. Annotation mode supported, you can annotate to your desktop anytime, it's a very useful feature for making

    completely freeware, support features like zoom in or out, do annotation while recording, also support 2 pass encoding for better recording quality, with very powerful watermark customization you can make whatever watermark you want.

    to whom want to do demo by using their computer and mouse to show how to use some kind of software or to solve some kind of problem. Typical user of this software is teacher or customer service or who want to make a software introduction.

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    Power Screen Recorder


    Power Screen Recorder 1.1_

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    • by Anonymous

      Good, but not good enough. If this had better visual quality, like 720p, I would use it and even pay a small amount, but for now it hasMore